company-cultureEach company has a distinct feel to it, a culture unique to its products, processes, and operations.

When you think about company culture, where does your mind focus? Did branding come to mind? If not, maybe it should as the process to attract customers is very similar to the process of attracting top candidates. You need to stand apart from your competitors by building an “employment brand.”

An employment brand illustrates the balance of rewards and benefits that an employee gains in return for contributing work. Of course, salary is part of that balance, but do your compensation packages top the hierarchy to attract desirable talent?

Here’s an example from the Gallup organization. The story tells about an EVP of Apple who added full education reimbursement to a list of the company’s benefits. Apple’s EVP knew this generous incentive would appeal to those who desired to learn. The strategy would speak about the company’s innovative spirit and drive to develop new products.

Apple built an employment brand with this reimbursement benefit. With this outstanding benefit, Apple planned to attract precisely the kind of employee desired.

An employee brand also includes intangibles like infrastructure and values.

Smart candidates do their homework by studying mission statements, analyzing financial data, reviewing the organizational infrastructure, and trying to project where the company might head in the future. To them, a long-term picture appeals more than a superficial one.

An organization’s values can also define culture. For example, kid-friendly and clean language are two things everyone expects from the employees at Disneyworld. Prospective candidates assume a company’s values will show in how the employees engage with one another in their work environment.

Thus, when interviewing, a candidate would observe how people behave toward one another, how body language, facial expressions, etc. reveal the cultural vibe. Moreover, the candidate listens to conversations for tone, respect, consideration, and forthrightness among other emotions.

Even companies with challenging cultures can offer strong incentives. However, it is difficult to retain talented employees on compensation and salary alone.

Five-star candidates want choices as much as employers want to attract the best candidates. Sometimes a staffing firm is the best facilitator of bringing a great candidate together with the right cultural fit.

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