COVID in 2021: How to Go Back to Work Safely

There’s a lot of fear uneasiness out there right now. COVID-19 has come back with a new variant affecting a lot of people around the country. However, most employers have reopened and are planning on keeping their doors open. What we know is this: the majority of employers are planning a return to work at some point. This leaves many candidates wondering, “How can I get [...]

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Ready to Pivot Your Career? Lean Into These Transferable Skills

Career pivots are in. Since COVID, we’ve seen career-minded individuals fed up with furloughs and the ups and downs of tumultuous markets. From healthcare to hospitality, employees are making career pivots that are leading them to new and sometimes greener pastures. Today, three of every five employees say they’re interested in changing careers. Career pivots [...]

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Here’s Why You Should Start a Relationship with a Staffing Agency to Successfully Re-Enter the Workforce

Federal benefits are coming to an end for all states, and it's time to re-enter the workforce. What if you had a free resource that could help improve your resume, practice interviewing, and, if you’re the right fit, introduce you to top employers. A recruiting firm can do all of these things. If you’re getting [...]

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Unemployment Benefits Are Coming to an End. Here’s How You Can Set Yourself Up for Success

CNBC reported recently that millions of Americans are about to lose their unemployment benefits as soon as June 12th. At least 24-states have decided to end federal unemployment assistance well before the September 6, 2021 end data. Which states are making a move to cut benefits? If you’re currently still unemployed but facing a loss [...]

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