How to Leverage Contract Work During COVID-19

If you’ve been laid off and are looking for a new position, contract work could be the perfect remedy, bringing in needed wages while building skills on your resume. Here’s how you can leverage contract work right now to benefit you and your family.   Advantages to Contract Work   COVID-19 has created a lot of ups [...]

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Here’s Why Now is the Best Time to Get Your Foot in the Door for a New Job

Hasn’t 2020 been interesting? We don’t necessarily mean this in a good way either, but there are signs that the economy may be picking up again. If you were furloughed or laid-off during the pandemic, it’s no doubt been a difficult and challenging time. Don’t be discouraged or intimidated; now is the time to look for [...]

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10 Tips to Prepare for a Virtual Interview

Even before COVID-19, 75% of companies used video interviewing as part of their recruitment and interviewing process. Today, it’s become the new normal, as more workers are remote and companies still social distance to keep their employees safe.    Ironically, these organizations have learned that there are some benefits when using video screens. For one thing, they’re [...]

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School is Virtual – How Do I Balance That With Work?

Thanks to COVID-19, we’re living in a world where it’s gotten even more challenging to schedule normal life functions. How can you organize a birthday party when everything is virtual? How can you balance work when you don’t even know if your kids will go back to school or you’ll be supervising their virtual learning?  How can you [...]

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