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The Summer Job Scene – Part I: Attention Candidates

lingo-summer-jobs2Ok – we’ve heard about glam jobs too – where your dream is your job destination. Working at an island resort, on a whitewater rafting crew, or assisting an international adventure to name a few. Just remember; besides being competitive, these “exciting” jobs can also be demanding with long hours, stringent performance expectations and policies, lower than expected pay (or commissions only) and high cost-of-living expenses.
Not every summer job needs to be a whirlwind experience. Many possibilities exist in a variety of industries: hospitality, medicine and health, industry, and more. Search programs, job fairs, staffing agencies, career days for positions; then start narrowing your parameters to drill down on what appeals to you.
Career fairs are an excellent way to connect with companies not only hiring for reasons of economic development but also for those who are career-minded and looking for an entrée into the industry of choice.
Don’t overlook registering with local staffing firms. These agencies, like Lingo Staffing, frequently need to fill seasonal positions in a variety of industries. You may even be able to work every summer for the same company until you graduate. Gaining that tenure adds to your appeal as well as gets you on the agency’s radar for future openings that may match your goals.
No matter your summer job wishes, it pays to move forward on that job hunt now.
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