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Gig Economy – Part II: Staffing in a Gig Economy

Need Ways to Take Advantage of the Gig Economy Trend? Is it a trend that’s here to stay? Who can know for certain?
Whether you find it suits your hiring style or keeps you up at night, those who follow labor statistics are quick to propose it will at least continue through the end of the decade. But in any case, the trend is purporting a paradigm shift—a time for transformation in thinking and processes for employers and workers.
Gig seekers are not so different from those who desire temporary employment, but there are some nuances to be aware of, such as the nature of their work preferences. That is, workers who prefer a gig economy are looking for flexible and autonomous work to suit a personal lifestyle. These workers choose to have more control over what pleases them for their vision of work/life balance.
Gig workers may also decide to hyper-specialize without worry it may make finding a gig more difficult. After all, gig workers maintain the freedom to work where the gigs are even if it means frequent travel and change in residence. Logically, this brings up questions concerning hiring and retention of workers (and associated expenses incurred with these processes as well as training).
3 big benefits of working with a proactive staffing agency to find gig workers.

  • A proactive agency not only knows how to use sources to find talent, but it has mobile recruitment technology and applicant tracking systems in place to communicate readily with experienced candidates who are quickly able to report their availability and accept assignments.
  • Enlisting a staffing agency can ensure you receive vetted, qualified workers. A great staffing agency’s worth often lies equally in its talent pool and the accompanying services it offers. A proactive agency will be prepared for the quick turnover inherent to a gig worker.
  • Gig workers differ in the benefits packages available. Consider they are mindful of trading in retirement and health care benefits for higher wages. That is a cost saving that could negate the costs of turnover.

Proactive measures such as these will help organizations deal with this trend. Talk to Lingo Staffing to arm your firm with the best in qualified gig, temporary, or full-time talent for your open positions.
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