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Friendship and Jealousy in the Workplace

Have you ever struggled with being jealous of a coworker or being the object of the jealousy? How did you deal with those feelings? Consider this scenario.
Jenny and Amy had a solid friendship both inside and outside the office. They both worked in administration, and both were on the short list for a promotion to a director position which would offer a substantial raise in pay, visibility, and other enviable opportunities. As it happened, the woman who received the promotion would be the other woman’s immediate manager.
When Amy got the job, Jenny hugged her and congratulated her just as a friend would. But Jenny soon found herself feeling resentful about the workload Amy delegated to her. Though Amy did not brag, Jenny couldn’t help noticing the new wardrobe and accessories Amy sported daily.  Jenny’s feelings were particularly hurt when Amy decided to forego a luncheon date with her and made up a less-than-honest excuse in favor of an invitation to lunch with a senior staffer.
Let’s be honest here
It is disconcerting and likely awkward for either woman as a new situation means new boundaries to explore: friendship, jealousy, acclimating to a new role, enjoying newly-earned perks . . . there are many perceptions and emotions at play.
Remember, this is a work-related dilemma. Here are some ideas:

  • Realize work and friendship should be kept separate. That is, an employer pays for you to do a job and that should be your priority.
  • Privately discuss the situation with your friend/coworker. Consider each other’s feelings and future expectations of your roles at work. Be honest about changes in behavior. If you’re Jenny, are you fulfilling your responsibilities or secretly expecting a “break” because Amy is also your friend. If you’re Amy, are you allowing your new position and coworkers to interfere with your long-term friendship with Jenny?
  • Accept reality. Relationships inherently change over time – especially when circumstances change. Expect differences to settle out and don’t be afraid to forge a new path for your friendship – even if it happens mostly away from the workplace.

Workplace jealousy can wreak havoc on self-esteem for those involved. It is always prudent to make certain it doesn’t interfere with your work performance or cross the line of company policies.
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