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Employee Side Hustles: Is the Gig Up?

A couple of decades ago, the person who worked a second job was said to be moonlighting. Frowned upon by employers, moonlighting was something one didn’t want to get caught doing—no matter whether the employee had no conflict of interest or a great reason for needing the extra income.
Keep in mind the globalization and volatility of the world today compared to 20 years ago, and the bigger picture comes into focus. Moonlighting, or side hustles as they are now termed, not only have become acceptable, but also are very common. They continue to evolve with technology (such as with Uber and Etsy), align with the gig economy trend, and present its own set of social issues.
Today, according to Pew Research Center, about 44 million Americans (or one in four) work a side hustle. Many of these workers are excited by the ability to make money on their terms with reasons as diverse as they are. Part-time occupations have become

  • A necessity for people to support themselves and make ends meet.
  • A path toward a new career.
  • An outlet for one’s passion.
  • A step on the road to entrepreneurship.

 Balancing a full-time job with a side hustle can be tricky.
The employee must make sure of flexibility so it won’t affect their main source of income. Reports reveal that Millennials are the ones most likely to work a side hustle; and more females than males. Research reports those with lower incomes tend to take on labor-intensive tasks while those with higher incomes use hustles like renting out rooms in their homes as a temporary solution.
How much money is made depends upon the hustle and the source of the data. Earnings fall into a wide range and apply from basic sustenance to financing a vacation, to paying overwhelming student loans. On average, a hustle would equate to about the value of one additional paycheck per month.
How to deal with side hustles?
Pew’s data lists some downsides, too. Dissenters say side hustles take advantage of workers, as they often must shoulder many of the risks and costs associated with them, including sometimes not being paid.
Employers, Staffing firms, employees each need to adapt. We now live in a world of more than one employee-employer relationship, and integration is becoming paramount.
Lingo Staffing can play a significant part in helping candidates not only find full-time work, but also a side hustle.
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