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Find an Internship and Build Your Resume

Is your resume bare-bones-basic? If you are a college student without much success in finding that great job, it could be because you lack an internship. In fact, many students participate in two or more internships.
Statistics show the value of internship experience. Whether from a big company, a virtual one or a small business, every bit of experience helps, especially when you face a competitive job market.  Companies don’t want the expense of hiring then experiencing turnover, so they tend to hold back until just the right candidate is found. Frequently upon graduation, an intern segues that internship into a full-time position.
So how do you find and get an internship? You use search savvy.
Social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter offer a good place to start. Look in your industry for the companies that tweak your interest. Use #internships on Twitter and the Jobs tab with a search for Internship Coordinator. Don’t forget to check with staffing firms like Lingo Staffing in your area, too.
While many internships were unpaid in the past, most internships are now paid positions. Today’s internships have also progressed past “only allowed grunt-work” scenario. Interns are being included in big projects and often assigned a mentor. Companies are using interns to tap into the young people’s generational insights.
Here are 5 tips on being a successful intern.

  • Expect to take the internship seriously. As a guide, consider the more interviews, the more accountability and exposure to the business you could have.
  • Learn the chain of command and who oversees the program.
  • Introduce yourself to department heads (as well as any interns in other departments).
  • Always take notes in meetings.
  • Expect to hear feedback. If none is given after two weeks into the term, ask for some.

Moreover, always put your best self forward. Be professional in your manner, etiquette, and appearance. That means that “thank you” letters are important upon leaving. In this way, you leave with a good impression as well as networking contacts.
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