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Investing in Employees Sparks Productivity

We can spend countless hours touting how success is measured by what we do, where we give, who we build relationships with, etc. rather than the bottom line, but at the end of the day, if the bottom line isn’t profitable, the company fails. So, how can you build a thriving, successful company with a healthy bottom line, who cares about what they do, where they give, and the relationships they build in their community?
The answer itself is basic – invest in your employees. They are your most valuable asset and the key to company success. When you care about what you “do” for them, what you “give” them, and the “relationship” you build with them, you ensure a happy, productive, workforce, which in turn, boosts a healthy bottom line.
Create an Engaging Culture: Employees who are engaged have better attendance and productivity. Establish a culture that focuses on people, recognizes excellence, and knows how to have appropriate fun. Hire accordingly. Choosing candidates who fit your culture can be just as crucial as the skills and experience they bring.
Invest in Training: Employees who understand the process and know how to do their job are more productive and make fewer mistakes. Yes, you want to hire skilled workers, but taking the time not only to train new employees your company methods but also to refresh current employees pays a high ROI.
Cultivate Two-way Communication: Employees who both have a clear understanding of your expectations, and know you listen, respond with enthusiasm, energy, and increased productivity. Set clear parameters, correct when necessary, commend great performance, and offer responsive listening to feedback.
Foster Creativity: Employees who are encouraged to be creative will be more engaged, motivated, and innovative – all which leads to greater productivity. Best of all, encouraging creativity increases retention.
Encourage Self-Care: Employees who take care of themselves – from healthy eating, sleeping, and exercise habits to using their vacation days, will increase their level of performance as well as their productivity. Set an example. Offer healthy snacks, encourage company participation in local athletic events, 5-Ks, etc., and insist that employees use their allotted vacation times.
Avoid Micromanaging: Employees who are encouraged to take ownership of both their time and resources, grow in confidence, skill, work ethic, and productivity.
Don’t Overload Your Employees: Burnout from too much work and not enough down time quickly dissipates productivity. When peak season, high employee vacation time, or a big project is on the rise, connect with Lingo for support staff. Besides increasing your productivity level, it will save on the immediate cost of overtime, and the hidden costs that result from employee burnout.
 Create Connection: Employees to know they are more than a number give more of themselves – which, like everything else, encourages greater productivity. Make eye contact, smile, ask how their day is going – you get the picture.
Say Thanks: Employees who know their efforts and achievements are appreciated, keep giving. Taking time to say thanks and specifically acknowledge a job well-done – verbally, in written form, and tangibly – is a power pill toward productivity.
Yes, there are productivity programs and productivity-tracking software options available; and some of these can be amazing tools, but in the end, the best way to improve your bottom line is to invest in your employees. Commit your time and effort in this direction for 6-months and discover the truth about true productivity.
Looking for employees to invest in? Need support staff? Contact Lingo, the language of On Demand solutions today and experience new levels of productivity.
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