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Tips for Communicating with Diverse Audiences

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said. ~ Peter Drucker
We live and work in a global world.  As the windows of the world are opening, we must remember that even as we break through language barriers, each of us still has our own culture, mannerisms, habits, and patterns of communicating. These factors shape the lens through which we see the world, connecting – and sometimes disconnecting – us even when both parties want to communicate. Even when we don’t share the same view or biases, healthy communication practices can smooth the way.
If you wish to present yourself in good faith, here are 4 tips to remember when communicating.

  • Be straightforward. Eliminate figurative or abstract language such as heavy emotional words (like “devastating”) or clichés (“let’s keep this close to the vest”). Say what you mean as directly and politely as possible.
  • Be brief. The more and longer we talk, the more we tend to slip into inappropriate verbal habits.
  • Be mindful of how you state questions. Sometimes you may need to rephrase comments when your audience provides feedback to ensure understanding.
  • Last—and these two go hand-in-hand—study linguistic preferences to find out pronoun preferences, and be careful of body language. Nonverbal messages are important, too.

Being prepared with good communication habits not only gives others the message that you are a professional but also shows that you care about their business and them as a human being: three things that can never lead you astray.
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