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Hiring Process vs. a Candidate’s Secret Sauce

Transparency has changed our society and economy.  When we want to know something, we merely type our question online and, presto, we receive thousands of replies. With explanations and visuals popping up in an instant, we scan/read until we get the answers that satisfy us.
So why then, candidates wonder, is applying for a job be such a mysterious process? Why should getting hired be so dramatically difficult? After all, it’s a talent-driven market, right?
Some business sources believe finding a job is difficult due to a lack of transparency in the hiring process. Companies do not reveal priority information for hiring and may rely on recruitment of passive candidates, thinking it increases their chances of connecting with the best experience and knowledge. They want to connect with candidates who have a track record in a similar environment; who have the best combination of talent, intelligence, and creativity.
That’s a tall order to fill – especially if you are graduating college, re-entering the workforce, or changing career direction.
So, as Lee e, Co-founder of the L Group, says in his recent article for Inc.com, candidates – particularly from the categories mentioned above– need to develop their “secret sauce.” The summation of their marketability in the workforce.  Begin by answering the following questions

  • What am I absolutely passionate about?
  • What am I naturally gifted at doing?
  • What in my experience ties directly to the direction I want to go?
  • What degrees, certificates, etc. support the skills I will need?
  • What makes me unique in my chosen field and why?

From your answers use this 3-part formula to create your personal “secret sauce.”

  • Sharpen your professional focus
  • Build competence
  • Ignite your passion

Now you’re ready to take advantage of the job market. And if you want help connecting with those not-so-transparent hiring managers, partner with a professional staffing agency such as Lingo Staffing. Share your recipe for your secret sauce.
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