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4 Great Strategies for 4 Scary Interview Questions

Interview questions are devised to make you think on your feet. They are the hard-hitting queries meant to weed out those less suited for the job than you. So how can you glide through this elimination process? Prepare!
Here are some tough questions and the strategic answers that may help you pass the first interview and land on top.

  1. What salary do you deserve?

It is best not to bring up salary in the first interview, but if the interviewer does so, do not throw out any numbers. It is best to tell the interviewer you would like to know more about the job challenges and responsibilities before discussing compensation. When it is finally appropriate for a conversation about salary, use data to provide a range based on your experience.

  1. What is your biggest weakness, your real weakness and not a secret strength?

Be honest. Be real. Do not say “My perfectionism can get in the way of . . .” Share a weakness that pertains in a small way to the position and share a specific example of what you have done and are doing to overcome it. For example, “I am a good judge of time for the big projects, but often fail to allow sufficient time for the small jobs along the way. I’m taking a time-management course and it’s making a positive difference.”

  1. How would you handle it if your boss was wrong?

Think very carefully before you answer this one, and when you do, use an example. Give as much detail as possible about a positive outcome from the situation. The interviewer is looking for a behavioral answer about how you would handle concrete examples of someone’s errors.

  1. Where else are you interviewing?

Recruiters may view you in a positive light and ask this question for a variety of reasons ranging from whether the competition may want to hire you to determine how committed you are about the job. Unless an executive recruiter has initiated contact with you, it is appropriate to say the one you are interviewing for is the only one you are considering.
Naturally, there are hundreds of tricky questions you could be expected to answer. It might be wise to invest in this resource by Vicky Oliver, 301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions.  
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