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Seeking a Mentor? Watch for 3 Core Traits  

Mentoring – a concept is as old as tribal society itself – is becoming increasingly more popular in companies. Whether based on diversity, gender, or profession, having an advisor on your side who is interested in your future can be helpful.
What makes a good mentor?
Although believing in you is essential, it’s not enough. An all-star mentor not only demonstrates seasoned experience and wisdom to direct a mentee, but he/she is also known for his/her values and integrity.
Watch for these three core areas with underlying themes.
Leads By Example

  • Emphasizes building substantial long-term relationships
  • Self-reflective and self-motivated
  • Curious by nature and continually learning
  • Desires to grow and help others develop
  • Knows the benefits of actively listening
  • Is insightful and able to clarify vision
  • Generous but wise with time and attention
  • Understands priorities

Provides Constructive Feedback

  • Is both honest in offering guidance and encouraging in providing support
  • Values the opinions of others – even when there is a difference of opinion
  • Communicates optimism
  • Shares motivational input
  • Teaches more than head knowledge

Sets Professional Goals

  • Opens doors and assists with opportunities
  • Directs toward challenges and goals
  • Demonstrates effectiveness and efficiency
  • Shares contacts
  • Is highly respected in her industry
  • Has a reputation for delivering on promises and meeting goals
  • Recognizes her strengths and weaknesses
  • Navigates bureaucracy
  • Is confident and committed

Good mentors do not take their roles lightly. Many people don’t have mentors; so, if you are fortunate enough to find one, don’t take that relationship for granted. If an opportunity becomes available for you to help your mentor, by all means, make it a two-way street. People can always learn from each other.
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