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Tips to Increase Employee Productivity

In some cases, a company’s revenue can drop because productivity falls off. If it is justified to blame productivity, there are steps an employer can take to increase productivity. Consider putting these tips into practice and see the improvement.

  1. Establish employee accountability. Clearly communicated expectations and defined accountability roles will help employees work together comfortably and establish relationships with each other minus any negativity.
  2. Ensure consistent performance. When production quotas need to be met, so must quality standards. Regular milestone checks and feedback are inherent to consistent performance.
  3. Show you trust your employees. People will often behave how you might expect them to if you have communicated those expectations, including trust. Avoiding micromanaging shows trust and prevents the opposite, as little is more frustrating than to have a manager hovering over an employee’s shoulder.


  1. Give credit when it’s due. When an employee does good work, say so. A word of encouragement or “thanks” can work miracles to boost spirits. Sincere appreciation builds confidence and productivity.
  2. Recognition for superior work. When an employee rises to an occasion or goes beyond the norm in some manner, recognize their achievements – both in private and public. Honor them in front of their peers and superiors. It builds trust, motivation, integrity, and
  3. Disburse rewards that are earned. When employees perform well, reward them with money, incentives, stock options and promotions. These kinds of awards encourage higher performance standards.

 These are six of the most common ways to increase productivity. One of the first and best ways is to hire excellent staff and train them well. Often, a staffing agency like Lingo Staffing can provide skilled workers who can move seamlessly on board without interrupting productivity.
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