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Summer Job Season Is Heating Up: How Can You Find Student Workers?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports young people from age 16-24 flood the job market during late spring and summer each year. Why, then, can’t you find any young people who desire those summer jobs?
The problem is, according to Time Magazine, it is getting more difficult to find students who are willing to work, even for jobs that were coveted years prior—such as beach lifeguards.
A few decades ago, nearly 60% of teens worked during the peak summer months. In 2017, only 35% worked. No one seems to know why there is such a marked decline, but it may have to do with referrals. That is, companies responding to a survey said they planned to hire friends or family members.
The article confirms that payroll statistics show jobs once held by teens are now being held by older workers who have been forced to extend their income-earning years, or by foreign workers who appreciate a chance to earn.
But let’s look past this dim forecast to the plusses about summer jobs. Why not include in your job ad that your opportunity provides both experience and fun? Students who are looking for summer jobs are seeking ones with flexibility.  How can you include some in what you offer?
Too, summer jobs can provide a valuable learning opportunity. For some, it is the first encounter with serving the public or respecting the rules outside the home. For others, it is mandatory. They need a way to earn money for whatever reason. And with the average pay rate of $10-$20 per hour, it may beat the parental pocketbook.
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