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Office Organization

Order creates a sense of professionalism and generates an atmosphere where team spirit thrives and opens the door to higher levels of productivity. It also invokes a feeling of confidence, competence, and control. Best of all, a well-organized office tells the world – well all who enter in – that here is a company/leader who can be trusted. After all, anyone who pays attention to office details, will pay attention to customer details.
Office organization isn’t a once-a-year overhaul – although that’s part of the picture. It’s an ongoing system that keeps the business process running smoothly.
Did you know that paper clutter is a top problem for most businesses? It wastes time – think of those 4.3 hours per/week that you spend searching for an important paper or the hour of productivity you lose to paper-related hassles on a daily basis.
It’s time to implement the declutter dance – on a daily, or at least weekly basis. It’s called digitizing – everything from schedules to reports to documents and then shredding.  In fact, purge your office of everything that is unnecessary. If you don’t have a consistent need for it – get rid of it. No, we’re not talking about family pics or your child’s artwork that brings joy to your soul every time you look at it.
Divide your office into zones. Your desk area, creative area, files, coffee station, etc. Keep the tools you need close to the appropriate zone. The items you use several times/day should be out and easy to grab. The items you use occasionally should be unseen, but easy to access, and the items you rarely use but still need, belong in a closet.
Label items – whether it’s digital files or hard copy.
Organize your desk – keep it as clear of items as you can. What must remain should be organized into various attractive, but simple to use containers.
Organize your desk drawers. Sure, the customer can’t see inside, but you can save a lot of time and stress when you have “a place for everything and everything in its place.”
Organize your computer desktop too. Keep files/folders/icons grouped according to purpose. Two or three times/week clear out your desktop. Once a project is finished, you don’t have to see the little icon every day, and it will be easier to find the ones you need.
There are multiple articles, books, and systems to help you get organized and stay organized. The point is – do it! The ROI is so worth it!
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