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Could You Be A Game Changer?

Do you have a desire to change the world? Does passion burn bright in you for every activity of your life, especially your work life? Then you have a game changer mentality.
What is a game changer?
A game-changer is a maverick: a person that effects a dramatic shift in the current way of doing something—especially in business.  A game changer is unafraid of taking calculated risks, trying a new process, or starting from scratch. He/she may eagerly toss out the old ways and institute an entirely new framework.
More than a rebel, though, a game changer is a visionary who understands multiple strategies and how they integrate and how people interact within them.
As businesses compete for the best talent, they look to hire potential game changers. Hiring managers are on the lookout for rookies who show promise. It is not necessarily a history of transformation employers seek but an “overall attitude” that permeates all they do.
If you had an opportunity to see an episode of New Amsterdam (even just the advertisement), you would see the new medical director fire all the current cardiac care doctors for putting billable hours above patient care. The medical director says “let’s all be doctors again.”
But we are talking real-world ideas and not TV drama because a genuine game changer implements a new strategy to sharpen a competitive edge.
Plus, you don’t need to be famous to have game-changing ideas. Small ideas count as well, especially when they affect ROI. For example, an administrative assistant has a concept that streamlines a billing process and saves time and money for the employer—that’s a winning idea.
Steve Jobs, the former founder and CEO of Apple, Inc. was a game-changing entrepreneur. He was widely quoted, but one of his most famous quotes was, “I want to put a ding in the universe.”
Other game changers include Jeff Bezos, Thomas Edison, and Benjamin Franklin. Each of these individuals found a way to make their work come to life in a way no one else had before them.  And other game changers will advance the future.
Don’t fear sharing an idea. And don’t put down the brainstorms of others. The next game-changer could be you.
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