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Prepare Now: Keep your Business Thriving in the Holidays

Fall is prime time for business owners and corporate leaders to plan for the upcoming holiday season – a juggling act for leaders as they organize staff vacations, time off, office celebrations and festivities, and workloads.
Keeping employees on target while maintaining their focus can be a challenge. If you implement a few of the following tips, however, your corporation can not only survive but also thrive during its busiest time.

  • Establish a clear vision
  • Share that vision with staff, so they clearly understand their holiday time responsibilities.
  • Provide employees with the information and knowledge they need to stay on target.
  • Coordinate efforts during peak times of the year.

Ingredients of a Well-Balanced Plan
This is the time of year when employees schedule time off to shop, plan holiday trips, and attend or host parties. Hiring support staff will keep your business in optimum operation.

  • Plan ahead: Based on your analysis of prior years, anticipate the upcoming workload and the amount of support staff you’ll need to stay on track.
  • Don’t get caught by surprise: Set a deadline for turning in requests for vacation days during the holiday season.
  • Hire contingent staff – early: Lock in your support staff before every company is clamoring for help.
  • Provide adequate training: well-trained contingent staff will keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Treat both permanent and contingent staff with respect: Recognized their value and express your appreciation – creating a culture that is a win/win for all.

Pre-plan marketing strategies. The marketing department’s function is to promote your company through print and/or digital channels. Therefore, it is crucial to stay on track with all digital campaigns because you’re only as good as your last post. Maintain a steady flow of relevant, intriguing posts. Equally important is your website upkeep. Ensure that information is up-to-date – especially changes in holiday hours of operation.
Employee Engagement
Although the holiday period is full of celebration and merriment, it can quickly become a three-ring-circus in the workplace. As you focus on year-end responsibilities, tie up loose ends, finish projects, and compile end-of-year reports, remember your employees. A focus on employee engagement will promote increased productivity and higher morale.
Now is the time to plan for the holiday season. Consider all demands from your year-end goals to your staffing logistics. Partner with a staffing firm to hire sufficient contingent staff. Cover whole-company functions and individual departments. Clearly communicate your end-of-year goals with staff. You can encourage employee buy-in if you build enthusiasm and encouragement by recognizing good work or offering incentives. You will ultimately create a pleasant work environment conducive to high productivity during the holidays.
Lingo Staffing can be your best source for holiday needs. We are a full-service staffing firm dedicated to providing top quality services to its clients and its employees during the holidays and all year long. Lingo – the Language of On-Demand Solutions.

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