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How to Keep Your Family Safe While You’re Still Going into Work

Many light industrial employees have continued to work during COVID-19. These essential workers are risking exposure to the virus every day, and they are also potentially exposing their families to it when they come home at night. 
You have valid reasons for being worried about your health and safety, as well as your familys well-being. So, here are some suggestions to help ensure that you and your loved ones remain healthy throughout the pandemic: 

While youre at work 

    • Keep your personal items away from all work areas: Store things like your cell phone in the break room, your locker, or anywhere it wont come into contact with others. Wash your hands thoroughly before you touch the phone, so you dont contaminate it before you leave work. 
    • Do whatever you can to stay positive: Think about the things that are going well today. Pat yourself on the back for the service you provided under trying and sometimes frightening conditions. Pause throughout the day to be grateful for your health, your job, and the opportunity to serve others. Then, try to let go of any worry and anxiety you might be feeling. 
    • Before you leave, check on your coworkers: Find out how they are doing, and share a few stories from the shift. Offer your support if they need it and accept their help if you need to be propped up. Youll all get through this by helping one another.  
    • Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with soap and water before heading home. 

When you get home 

    • Keep a pair of shoes at the door: Always change into a pair of shoes that you keep by the door. Also, have a place to store items that cannot be washed and should not be brought inside. 
    • Take off your clothing: Put them in a hamper that has been lined with a garbage bag. Wash the clothes immediately in the warmest water temperature allowed on the clothing label. 
    • Wash your hands and sanitize your phone. 
    • Take a shower immediately to ensure no dangerous germs are remaining on your body. 

When youre away from work, itcrucial to eat correctly and get enough sleep. Relax and try not to think about work or dwell on the latest news about the virus. Instead, go outside for a walk, catch up on your reading, listen to your favorite music, or play a game with your family. 

Keep monitoring yourself for any symptoms of COVID-19, and take your temperature twice a day. Do not go to work if you have a fever or youre not feeling well 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is an invaluable source of guidance and information. If you have a specific concern that the site does not address, you may use their contact form. 

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