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Benefits of Maintaining Strong Relationships with Recruiters During Uncertain Times

Recruiters are the best free resource any job candidate ever had. A staffing agency recruiter has years of experience getting to know the hiring managers of the companies you’d like to work for. But leveraging these resources to find a job, particularly when jobs are scarce, takes some work on your part. Developing a strong relationship with a staffing agency recruiter can make sure you are top of mind when jobs open. It’s a two-way partnership between recruiter and candidate, with some clear benefits of developing these relationships. Here’s what you need to know.  

Why Your Recruiter Relationship Matters  

From the perspective of a recruiter, finding out more about you is a critical part of their job. You want to be transparent with your recruiter so they can help you find the right fit. So, don’t be surprised when the recruiter asks questions about your job and salary history and what you’re looking for in your next position. The more they know, the better the fit is going to be when you land the job. 

Establishing a trustworthy two-way relationship with your recruiter is important. This means responding promptly to their inquiries and talking candidly about your experiences. Your responsiveness is particularly important; sometimes recruiters are required to fill roles quickly, so when it comes down to two equally-qualified candidates, the most responsive one will be more likely to end up with the interview.  

Recruiters have spent their professional careers building networking relationships. You benefit by networking with the recruiter, who can open doors your job application will not. Building a good relationship with a recruiter can put you in the driver’s seat for opportunities that may not even have been advertised yet. Staying in regular contact with your recruiter keeps you in the front of their minds as they talk with hiring managers.  

Communication is so important to this process. We can’t stress that enough. You can only reap the benefits of your recruiter relationship if you are open, transparent, and clear in your communications. When the recruiter asks you about your salary history or expectations, be honest and upfront so they can best represent you to a potential employer. If you have a requirement that the job be work-from-home, by all means share that with the recruiter. The biggest benefit of the recruiter relationship is that they act as your agent in front of hiring managers. If you fail to communicate something that matters in your next job, or fudge the numbers on what salary you’re willing to take, it can make the recruiter look unreliable in front of the employer.  

Developing an Effective Recruiter Relationship 

The relationship you establish and maintain with your recruiter is critical to landing your next job. Recruiters have access to a steady stream of job placements, but they are always looking for the best candidate for each role. If you fail to stay engaged with your recruiter, are less-thanhonest with them, or don’t communicate well and often, this relationship will not yield the benefits you had hoped. The candidate-recruiter relationship takes work to maintain, but if you with a firm like Lingo Staffing, it will pay off in a steady paycheck and a great job. If you haven’t sent us a resume, now is the time. Or, just pick up the phone to talk to a member of our recruiting team today. We are here to help.  

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