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School is Virtual – How Do I Balance That With Work?

Thanks to COVID-19, we’re living in a world where it’s gotten even more challenging to schedule normal life functions. How can you organize a birthday party when everything is virtual? How can you balance work when you don’t even know if your kids will go back to school or you’ll be supervising their virtual learning? 
How can you balance work and childcare in this environment? Instead of just leaving you with questions, we have a few answers that will help you balance work, family, and life during COVID-19. 

Why Flexible Shifts are Important Today 

Even before COVID-19 disrupted our daily lives, one of the benefits that most employees craved was scheduling flexibility at work. Telecommuting or having the ability to work from home when necessary was a growing trend in the workforce even before the pandemic. Instead of taking the day off to deal with a sick child, the telecommuter could just switch on the computer at home to conduct business as usual. If you had a home repair and we’re waiting on maintenance, a flexible schedule made all the difference. 

But after the coronavirus lockdown, having schedule flexibility became even more important. When the pandemic hit in the early spring, nearly all schools were disrupted, as teachers scrambled to evolve the curriculum for virtual learning and parents tried to figure out how to cope. At the peak of the school closures, the United Nations reported 22 countries across three continents closed schools, affecting nearly 300 million children. From elementary school to the university, we faced big changes starting in March 2020. 

While many employers followed suit, two and single-parent households struggled to cope with these changes. Now, as students look toward the fall class schedule, many have decisions to make about whether virtual learning is still the best approach. To add to the stress, the pandemic is still raging. Parents who have been called back to work need scheduling flexibility more than ever to deal with whatever hurdles 2020 will throw at them next.  

These are all reasons why now, more than ever, working families can benefit from a partnership with a staffing agency. 

How Can A Staffing Firm Help Give You Schedule Flexibility? 

As dual-income families struggle to find jobs that allow them to work around at-home virtual schooling and other scheduling challenges, staffing agencies can help them find the right fit. We know that flexible scheduling gives you a better work/life balance during a very stressful time. Employers recognize that flexible scheduling can also increase employee engagement, build worker loyalty, and improve productivity. 

Staffing firms like Lingo Staffing have jobs with different shifts available. This includes 2ndand 3rdshiftand even part-time positions. Working with a staffing firm allows job candidates the opportunity to think outside the box when it comes to finding new employment. Staffing firms are even in a better position to advocate for flexible scheduling, whereas a candidate might not be able to do so. 

We’ll Help You Find a Flexible Job

Lingo Staffing can help you look at all the employment options available today to help you adjust to the latest COVID crisis. Our service is free—the employer pays our fees—so give us a call today and let us help. 


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