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How to Leverage Contract Work During COVID-19

If you’ve been laid off and are looking for a new position, contract work could be the perfect remedy, bringing in needed wages while building skills on your resume. Here’s how you can leverage contract work right now to benefit you and your family.  

Advantages to Contract Work  

COVID-19 has created a lot of ups and downs in the job market today. It’s unfortunate, but many people have been laid off or furloughed. As employers reopen their businesses, many turn to contract workers that will gradually come on based upon how the market expands. You can leverage these opportunities, and they are especially beneficial if you need a flexible schedule to accommodate homeschooling or other types of responsibilities that make having a full-time job too difficult.   
There are contract jobs available now from these employers. These positions are in high demand, and many career analysts believe that contract jobs are the future of work. When the economy is shaky, contract positions grow because it’s a good way for employers to mitigate the risk of hiring full-time. The benefit for you is that you can earn new skills and add them to your resume.  
There is less competition for contract jobs; most employees are looking for full-time roles. But less competition means more opportunities for you. Many times, contract roles do evolve into full-time positions. They give you the opportunity to prove yourself to hiring managers and employers.   
Gaining new skills and experiences is exactly what makes your resume stand out from the crowd. With so many people unemployed these days, this is exactly the kind of leg up you need to land lucrative, well-paying jobs in the future. Contract roles are great ways to continue your climb up the employment ladder, where each stop is more money than the rung below it.  
Contract jobs also usually have a better rate of pay than full-time jobs. That means more money in your pocket on payday. You could even take on two or more contracts and end up making more money than a permanent full-time job.   
Contract positions also allow you to work when you want, something that is increasingly important as more schools close due to COVID-19. Contract roles give you schedule flexibility that you simply do not have with most full-time positions. You can pursue these positions, make more money, but they don’t have to take over your life like a full-time role would.  
It’s important to understand that you are still protected under the law, even as a contract employee. Unless you’re freelancing, contract and part-time positions give you the same employment rights as everyone else. You can talk with your recruiter about what this means, what benefits are available, and how the job could potentially evolve from contract to full-time.   

We Can Help You Find a Contract Job 

If you’re wondering if contract work is right for you, talk to Lingo Staffing. Our team has jobs available now, and we’re always looking for hard-working, responsible people to join our team. We can help find the position that is the best fit for you.  


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