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8 Non-Monetary Ways to Incentivize Your Employees 

There is a good chance that departmental budgets will be tight next year. It’s a good thing that research shows that your employees are just as motivated by non-monetary rewards, too. This article will look at some of the ways that managers can incentivize their employees without breaking the bank. 

Employee Motivational Tips for 2021 

The quality of the work itself and your culture can have a motivating or demotivating effect on your employees. One author researched the issue and said there are three things intrinsic to a good work environment that your employees are hungry for: 

1. Autonomy over their work.

Employees do not want to be micromanaged. They want the chance to control their fate by making everyday decisions and doing their job in the best way they can. 

2. Regular improvement in the job.

Your workers want opportunities to regularly improve what they do. The employer should offer regular positive feedback and provide training opportunities that allow the employee to advance. 

3. A mission and purpose for their work.

Employees are rewarded when they have a sense that their work matters. If your company has a mission and values that employees can feel passionate about, they will work harder to achieve it. 

The key to a good work environment that motivates employees is for your managers to lead not by the stick but with a carrot. Offering sincere and regular praise for a job well done and thanking your workers will help them feel better about their work. This may not be a natural skill for your managers, so take the time to train them all in a consistent effort to acknowledge good work while giving constructive yet positive feedback on the areas that need improving.  
Culture also motivates employees. Make sure you develop a sense of camaraderie and teamwork in every department in your business. This will help employees feel connected to their work, the company, and each other. Set department goals that everyone works toward. Celebrate both small and big wins and encourage your employees to support everyone on the team.  
One way to engage your workers is to regularly ask their opinion. If you’re wondering what motivates them, try asking what they think. When was the last time your company did an employee survey? Have you ever asked your employees what would motivate them or how you could help them be more productive? 
Train your management teams to sit down regularly with each employee to discuss their individual career goals. This gives managers a chance to see how truly engaged their employees are. It also helps managers get to know their workers and what motivates them. Get to know your workforce and spend time working to help them excel. If you show them that you care, they will do their best to be more productive. When budgets and profit rise, then give them monetary rewards, but in the meantime, there is plenty you can do to motivate your teams. 

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