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How to Work with a Recruiter to Set Yourself Up for Success in 2021

There is a lot of competition for jobs these days. You need someone in your corner to help connect you to the best paying opportunities. That’s exactly how a recruiting firm like Lingo Staffing can help you. We have the best tips for working with a recruiting firm to set you up for success next year.   

How to Work with a Staffing Agency in 2021 

The first thing to understand about a staffing agency is that they are free for candidates. Employers pay the fees of these firms, so you can send them your resume and interview with a recruiter. The recruiter can become a great resource to introduce you to employers. They can give you advice on cleaning up your resume and give you the inside scoop on the job. 
Staffing firms are very well connected to industry players. These firms work closely with HR and hiring managers in your industry. They understand the culture of these organizations and what your day-to-day work will be like. Most staffing agencies even find out about jobs even before the advertisement is placed. This gives you a leg up over just sending a resume out to a job board. If you work with a recruiter, you will never go into an interview blind, which increases the chances that the employer will pick you out of all the other applicants. 
Making a connection with a recruiter means that you have a personal representative to the company you’re applying to. If the recruiter likes you and believes you’re a good fit, he or she will “pitch” you to the employer. That’s usually enough to get you an interview. Before you go to the interview, your recruiter will likely share details of the people you’ll meet and how to present yourself well in front of them.  
The recruiter has a vested interest in placing you in the job; after all, that’s how they are paid. While that sounds cynical, it’s true, however, the best recruiters also love helping people and have a strong mission to match the best candidates in the best jobs. Companies like Lingo Staffing have long-term relationships with employers and candidates. These partnerships benefit everyone involved, so make sure you do your best to be honest with your recruiter so they can help you find a job fast. 
The best recruiting firms can even help you negotiate salary or other benefits should you be offered the job. This is where the experience of a company like Lingo Staffing can help you land the job you want.  
Finally, even when the economy is in chaos, recruiting agencies have access to jobs. Staffing agencies can help you with temporary gigs that pay more and provide a flexible schedule, or they can place you in a full-time job. They can even help you “try it before you buy it” by placing you in a temp-to-hire position. If you’re seeking a role to improve your skills, a provisional or temp job could help you pick up new experiences to add to your resume. 

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