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Salary Isn’t Everything: Look at the Big Picture with Temp-to-Hire Jobs

Let’s face it; the world—including the work world—has changed drastically over the past year. We’re in the midst of The Great Resignation, and employees are in the driver’s seat. How has this changed your world? How has this changed the employment market?
You may be at a crossroads in your career. You may be a new graduate who is uncertain about which company would be the best fit. Maybe you just want to earn some extra money over the holidays. All of these are valid reasons to consider a temp-to-hire job. What’s the big picture of these roles? Is it more money? Can you work temp-to-hire and get benefits? This blog will give you a sense of what temping is really like today and how you can use some of the hidden benefits of these jobs to your advantage.

Putting Your Temp Options in Perspective

You may not have considered all your options until you’ve thought about a temp-to-hire position. A temp job is a short-term position with a company that could evolve to a permanent role someday. When you think of temp jobs, those seasonal positions in retail probably come to mind. But more than 16 million jobs fall into the category of contract or temp employment, and that number is increasing.

Benefits of Temporary Work

Temp-to-hire is a particularly beneficial way for an employee to make use of this type of contract employment. These roles will often become permanent if the employer and employee feel like the job is a good fit. These jobs can last six months, a year, or much longer, depending upon the situation. There are many benefits to temp-to-hire that extend beyond the instant gratification of a regular paycheck:

  • It’s a nice way to keep your skills sharp while still paying the bills.
  • It can give you an introduction to a brand new industry or job type and provide you with the experience and training you need to expand your resume.
  • It broadens your horizons by giving you new skills but also by introducing you to new social networks that could be highly beneficial later on.
  • These roles often offer benefits that come from the staffing agency. This could include health and disability insurance and even paid time off. Don’t discount the big picture of a benefits package, either; having benefits tacks on, on average, another 30% to your salary. This means if you’re making $15 an hour, you’re actually bringing in about $19 an hour when you tack on the benefits.
  • These positions also have unexpected perks. For example, the job may start at $15 an hour, but after 90-days, the company will pay 50% of your healthcare.

From the perspective of your career, temp-to-hire jobs offer big benefits you may not have considered. They are particularly great jobs if you are a mid-level career professional considering an industry change. They also offer options for college students trying to gain more experience on their resumes.

Find a Temp Job with Lingo Staffing

Today, you can find a temp job in just about any field, and you can take the job for just about any reason. Lingo Staffing is committed to helping you find these jobs. Call on us to find out how we can help.

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