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New Year, New Career: Here’s Why Now is the Best Time to Find a New Job

New Year, new job. In addition to pulling out all the stops for your New Year’s Resolutions, it’s the right time to consider going after a new job. Companies tend to do most of their hiring in the first quarter, although these days, the chances are high that you’ll find potential employment most of the year. But what is it about January and February that should make you brush off your resume, clean up your LinkedIn, and get out there in the big world of job seeking? Here’s what you need to know.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year—for Job Seekers

Hiring budgets have been signed off, and employers are gearing up for an interesting job search in 2022. Companies often hire more when budgets are fresh and flush with cash at the beginning of the year. For job seekers, January is the month where opportunity happens.
December is usually a slower month, and many employees end up using a lot of the vacation time they have left before the New Year. Work-wise, things feel a little more relaxed, while your holiday planning probably doesn’t. It’s a good time of year to use the rest of your health benefits and make plans and resolutions for the coming year.
January brings optimism for the tasks at hand for many hiring managers. They come back from vacations and time off ready to tackle that pile of resumes sitting on their desk. They may have a slow start, so don’t be too surprised if you don’t hear back right away about your resume. By February, everyone is usually back to their normal pace of work, so resumes tend to move through the funnel more quickly. Look for new job postings during this time as well as more callbacks from resumes you sent out. Interviews happen frequently during this time, as does an influx of new hires for most companies.
For employers, January gives them an opportunity to get ahead of the hiring curve. For companies with big hiring goals, it’s a race towards the finish line. Given that many candidates will be sourced and hired as passive, this means that employers must begin their efforts to find the hidden job market gems right out of the gate at the first of the year. Most recruiters would say that hiring is too time-consuming to slack off in January, and that spells an opportunity for you, the candidate.
Inc. suggests employers pick up the pace of hiring during the first quarter. They say, “To get ahead…it’s important to kick off your hiring efforts sooner rather than later.” They recommend selecting from the “holiday hire” candidate pool for permanent staff first. This means, if you were temping during the holiday rush, go back to your recruiters to find out if there’s a permanent position available — assuming you liked the job, of course.

Our Recruiters Can Help You Find a Job

So, welcome to January, job candidate. In this job market, the world really is your oyster. You can set yourself up by sending your resume to Lingo Staffing. We are the trusted advisors to candidates seeking new opportunities in the New Year. How can we help you today?
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