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Lingo Staffing’s Hot Jobs in Akron and Roanoke

Lingo Staffing is proud two serve two of the hottest and growing job markets in Akron, Ohio and Roanoke, Virginia. Our regional teams know the communities and the businesses in these regions and work hard to match top general and skilled labor as well as experienced customer service and HR job seekers (to name a few categories) with the best companies in the regions.
What’s going on right now in Akron and Roanoke? A lot if you take a look at the jobs we offer.

Hottest Jobs in Akron, Ohio

Located in Summit County in the Northeastern region of Ohio, Akron is the fifth largest city in the state. The cost of living in this region is much lower than the national average and while Akron is a large city, it is surrounded by farms and country residences that make this an appealing location to move to.
The unemployment rate in Akron, Ohio is just slightly higher than the national average. However, the job market is on the upswing; future job growth is predicted to be nearly 30%. Crime is low and employment opportunities are high both for entry-level tradespeople and experienced craftsmen (and women).
Manufacturing and trade in the Akron market is on the upswing. Along with neighboring Canton, where Lingo Staffing has an office, this region is booming with construction, manufacturing, and trade jobs. Some of the most recent examples of jobs in the Akron area include:

  • Permanent machine maintenance jobs with up to three weeks of vacation a year and benefits after 30-days of employment, as well as an hourly rate of $32.35 with plenty of overtime opportunities.
  • General labor jobs with no experience needed to earn $15.00 an hour. If you are physically able to lift 50-lbs, can climb a ladder, and use a tape measure, this job puts you to work immediately. 

In addition to blue collar laborer and skilled trades work there are also opportunities for Human Resource Generalists to make $29.00 plus receive profit sharing, 401k, and immediate benefits.
While Akron is just one of the communities served by Lingo Staffing, we got our start in Virginia. One of the hottest markets for jobs right now is in Roanoke, Virginia. Here’s what you need to know about finding a job there.

Hot Jobs in Roanoke, Virginia

Like Akron, Roanoke, Virginia is surrounded by rolling hills and green spaces. The population of the city is around 100,000, with a bustling downtown and extensive outdoor recreation. There are lots of arts and cultural events taking place; it is, after all, just a short drive to Washington, D.C. While the cost of living is low the volume of well-paying, stable jobs is high. Some of the latest openings include:

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