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Be Prepared: Staff Up Before Busy Season is Here with Lingo Staffing

How do you prepare for the busiest season of the year? How do you prepare for the busiest season when the competition is an Amazon (literally)? Markets have been volatile. Supply chains have failed us. When coupled with the labor shortage, the best word to describe the light industrial business these days is: Unpredictable.
Yet you can get ahead of the curve by getting ahead of the labor market. A company like Lingo Staffing can help your business be flexible by taking over your sourcing and hiring processes. Here’s what we can do—and why you need us to take charge.

The State of Light Industrial Labor: Messy

If you’ve felt like your hiring strategy has been a roller coaster, you’re not alone. Most business owners and operations managers in the light industrial space have had to adapt their hiring strategies to big market shifts over the past two years. Logistics Management and Instawork surveyed hundreds of light industrial businesses this year and found:

  • These companies feel unprepared for the volatile labor market expected in 2023.
  • They struggled to keep up with the demand in 2021 and nowhere was that struggle more apparent than in their efforts to find talent.
  • Many of these companies say that market volatility requires something different than a 100% full-time workforce. It’s just too impractical when the ups are so high and the downs so low.

The lessons these companies learned, according to the survey is that survival requires flexibility. From a hiring perspective, it is only your agility that will allow your business to stay solvent even in lean times.
What does this realization mean for 2023? It’s a time of new partnerships—from building redundancy into your supply chains to partnering with staffing agencies for temp and contract workers. That’s where Lingo Staffing comes in.

Staffing Tactics for a Volatile Labor Market

Lingo Staffing knows that tough times call for new staffing strategies in the light industrial field. That’s why our account managers work closely with business owners and operations managers to develop hiring strategies that can include:

  • Improving retention of your current staff.
  • Increasing your reliance on temporary and contingent team members.
  • Increasing your full-time headcount not only to prepare for the busy season but also to account for losses related to The Great Resignation in the coming months.
  • Improving your recruiting practices. For example, Lingo Staffing specializes in building strong pipelines to your business proactively. We know the best candidates haven’t applied yet, and we have a strategy for reaching them.
  • Using the best technologies to improve the candidate hiring process. This not only gets you more new employees faster it also helps build a positive company brand.

Connect With Our Team!

Lingo Staffing is standing by to help your company prepare for the peak holiday season—and beyond. Partnering with our team is like adding to your own. We are proud of our elbow-to-elbow support of some of the best light industrial companies in the region. Contact us today and be better prepared for what’s to come.

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