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Red Flags to Watch Out for in Candidates

Hiring is hard. No matter how good the candidate looks on paper, they may not interview well. Or they may interview well but they end up being less than desirable. Is there a way to figure out if your job candidate is a dud? While hiring candidates is risky, there are small red flags that recruiters and hiring managers can watch for that may signal you should walk away. What are those red flags?

Watch for These 8 Traits—and Walk Away

  1. Lack of preparation: If a job candidate shows up unprepared for the interview you should reconsider their candidacy. Being unprepared could include failing to conduct research on your company. They may arrive late to the interview. Or, the candidate just seems disinterred in the role. In all these cases, it’s a red flag.
  2. Inconsistent or vague answers to questions: Something is amiss if a candidate cannot provide clear, concise answers to your interview questions. We’ve all encountered less-than-honest candidates during a job search. This may be one of them.
  3. Negative attitude: A candidate who openly speaks negatively about their prior employer, job, or colleagues could be a big problem for your company in the future. Big red flag!
  4. Ineffective communication: If the job candidate has poor communication skills with you, the chances are they’ll be unable to be clear with the manager or their team. If the job candidate doesn’t listen or answer questions well, they are less than a desirable potential employee.
  5. Has no interest in career development: Job candidates that show no interest in learning new things may not be a good fit for a job that requires continuous learning.
  6. Inappropriate appearance or behavior: It doesn’t matter if the interview is conducted on Zoom, the candidate should look professional. If they behave inappropriately, that is even more of a red flag that they lack professionalism.
  7. Unwilling to take responsibility: Listen closely to candidates as they describe their prior positions. Do they seem willing to throw others under the bus and never own their mistakes? If the candidate does that during the interview, imagine what they’ll do when they’re on the job.
  8. Gaps in employment history: Gaps in your employment history make sense if there’s a clear reason why. However, big gaps with no explanation could make you question the candidate’s reliability.

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