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Why You Should Consider Temp-to-Hire for Your Workplace

Temp-to-hire is an excellent option if you’re seeking ways to reduce your hiring risk. For many employers, this is the preferred option out of all their employment choices. There’s been a resurgence of temp jobs since COVID, as employers and candidates like the flexibility of these positions. What are the benefits of temp jobs? Should you consider this type of employment arrangement for your business?

What is a Temp-to-Hire Arrangement?

Temp-to-hire or temp-to-perm is a type of employment arrangement that allows the company and the worker to try out the fit before making a permanent offer. Typically, the employer contracts with a staffing agency to offer temporary workers to fill a specific job opening. The employer evaluates the temp worker during the assignment period. If both the employer and temp worker feel it’s a good fit, an offer of permanent employment is extended to the candidate.

Benefits of Temp-to-Hire

Why should you consider temp-to-hire for your business?

  • Flexibility: Temp-to-hire lets you fill a role quickly without hiring a permanent worker. This flexibility gives you options to keep or let the worker go, which greatly lessens your risk of hiring the wrong person.
  • Reduced hiring costs: Hiring and training a new employee is expensive. Full-time benefits make up a significant portion of employer costs. Temp-to-hire lets you assess the worker before making the commitment to invest in hiring that person full-time.
  • Improved hiring quality: Temporary workers are evaluated before being offered a permanent position. An evaluation process ensures you end up hiring an employee that meets all the criteria of the job and your company culture. This process, in turn, lands you a better quality hire every time.
  • Lessens your hiring risk: Temp-to-hire is a huge benefit for employers who lose thousands of dollars with every staff turnover that occurs. The temp-to-hire model minimizes the risks and costs of a bad hire. These models help improve productivity and alleviate some of the pressure your current full-time workforce feels. That’s why temp-to-hire is a win/win all around. 
  • Enhanced engagement and productivity: The temp worker knows they are being evaluated and will become valuable to your team as they work to fit in and contribute. contribute.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Temp-to-Hire?

The most significant drawback to temp-to-hire arrangements is that they leave potential employees uncertain whether the job will work out. The employer may neglect these workers because they’re not as invested in training and supporting them. There is also the potential for turnover with the temp worker. Finally, there are some additional administrative tasks, although if you work with a staffing agency like Lingo Staffing, we handle payroll and various HR tasks. All you do is wait for the temp worker to show up and get to work.

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