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Interviewing with a Staffing Agency? Follow These Tips

Is there a difference in interviewing for a staffing agency vs. a company? Yes, and here are tips to help you make the most of your agency interview and move your career forward in 2018.
The Position Gateway
A staffing agency is often contracted to fill a specific position, and they will screen the candidate for how he/she may suit the job for which they applied. However, they often have multiple vacant positions available and will assess the candidate with those additional vacancies also in mind. So, a high caliber staffing agency will act as a “gateway” toward other positions where you, as the candidate, may be the best fit.
It’s good to understand this benefit and to be prepared to put your best face forward. Take your cues from the agency representative, especially if the questions he/she ask seem to be broader in scope than expected.
The Bigger Picture
In keeping with a broader perspective, listen carefully to how the interviewer frames the questions. Focus your responses on the skills and achievements for the position inquired about, but if you feel led, mention that you could expand on your answer by eliciting related skills and accomplishments.
Furthermore, because the agency interviewer will have the bigger picture in mind, you want to ensure your personality, as well as your skills and abilities, are well represented.
Being prepared for the interview requires more than just showing up. Make sure you have cleared time on your calendar. Call the day before your interview to confirm the appointment.
On the day of the interview, bring your paperwork with you. Having it printed out will show you are thorough and considerate. Dress appropriately and be mindful of body language. Be polite and respectful and listen to instructions. Follow-up with a proper thank-you note or email.
Leaving with the right impression may be as important the interview itself.
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