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Job Market Trends for 2018

Though the job market is touted as the strongest it has been in years, and unemployment at its lowest in nearly two decades, Americans are still worried about jobs.
Job satisfaction and dissatisfaction
In September 2017, The Conference Board job satisfaction survey reported half of the workers in our country are satisfied with their jobs. The labor market differs, however, from what it was ten years ago.
The survey, which looks at 23 components of job satisfaction found workers were least satisfied with promotion policies, performance review, and recognition or acknowledgment. These results suggest areas for improvement. Companies should consider:

  • Revamping incentive structures.
  • Improving motivational techniques to encourage worker productivity.
  • Add additional staff in situations where the workload is so large that when earned time off that is taken; it puts productivity at risk.

Moreover, applying for jobs can seem like stepping into a black hole. Applicants rarely receive acknowledgment of their resumes. Perhaps the most effort overall is needed to improve the hiring process at most firms.
Competition and demographics
The Conference Board survey also indicates lower job satisfaction in several states where global competition and specialization of skillsets affects the market. In essence, workers who have jobs impacted by automation or outsourcing do not enjoy wage gains and incentives as those in more quickly growing industries.
Growth is expected for the technology and healthcare industries. Projections claim that nearly one-quarter of the healthcare jobs are for the home health care industry such as for medical assistants and aides. Technology jobs will be hot across the board from data analysis to programming.
Artificial intelligence
Reality is not living up to the forecasts for AI in the HR and finance fields, as AI was to destroy the market for these jobs. The Conference Board says the financial sector will be increasingly handled by AI, but workers will be needed for the higher level positions to create the personal relationships.
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