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New Hiring Policies

The tight talent market has limited applicants for hiring. To broaden the selection of candidates, some employers have changed their hiring policies. In fact, recent articles in both the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company have confirmed this trend.
New policies are eliminating the concept of “degree inflation” or at least broadening their hiring criteria, bringing hope to job applicants who, though trainable and often experienced, are lacking in degrees.
In the past, why did employers require degrees even for lower or entry-level positions?
Employers looked at a bachelor’s degree as proof a candidate possessed needed soft skills. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 40% of hires in all occupations required some type of post-secondary education. Now, some labor experts believe the requirement for a degree in some situations is passé.
Relaxing degree requirements is not relevant in all situations, but a determining factor lies in a combination of what an employer can afford to pay and the condition of the labor market. Further, employers admit many degree requirements are unnecessary to do the job, and making a degree necessary may be undermining global competitiveness. Consequently, some employers are taking a look at community college programs, formal certification programs, and on-the-job training programs.
This is good news for some would-be applicants.
As this new practice opens doors for more companies to hire, it also helps those individuals who have applicable job experience but have only an associate’s degree or certification. Thus employers are developing additional strategies for finding talent to fit and fill vacant positions: community colleges, boot camps, partnering with other companies, and internal skills development, to name a few.
The challenge for those who might meet the broader hiring criteria may be whether they will meet the specific skill set an employer can identify as needed. Rather than increase barriers, these “new collar” jobs are meant to improve options for both candidates and employers.
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