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It’s Peak Hiring Season! Work with a Recruiter to Get Hired Faster This Year

There is not a single job candidate out there that enjoys the job search. The hours you spend working on a resume and submitting it to an online application are hard enough, but it’s like throwing your credentials down a bottomless well. This is probably why 56% of job seekers find looking for a job very stressful, and 55% say they struggle even to find the time to look for work.

What if we told you all these issues could be alleviated by finding a good recruiter to help you get hired? Here’s what a good recruiter can do for your job search in the New Year.

What Can a Recruiter Do for Your Job Search?

Whether you’re looking for fast cash or a career change, a good recruiter can help you reach your goals. Recruiters work for free on behalf of job candidates. A company employs them to fill open jobs, meaning the employer pays for the recruiter’s time. This makes a recruiter a huge asset to your job search. It’s like adding a professional helper to market your candidacy.

How can a recruiter help your job search? A good recruiter offers:

  • Free, expert feedback on your resume and interview skills. A confidential conversation with a Lingo Staffing recruiter can give you actionable insight into what can make you more attractive to top employers. You can apply this feedback to a better resume or a more confident interview. Did we mention this service is free?
  • Access to top companies that you can’t seem to access. It’s easy to get your resume lost in a pile of applications. But a good recruiter that believes in you will automatically float your resume to the top of the pile. Lingo Staffing advocates for our candidates, representing them to top employers. It’s a smart way to open the door to great companies we’ve already connected with—instead of dropping your resume down that bottomless application well.
  • Big-time savings come with any recruiter partnership. Instead of writing a cover letter and revamping your resume blindly, the recruiter is your partner in navigating the employment application process. For example, a Lingo Staffing recruiter can make personal introductions to hiring managers instead of you “cold” emailing them. This partnership saves you a lot of time during the application process. Even better, a good recruiting firm usually has more companies clamoring to meet you if the first employer doesn’t work out. What if you could eliminate the time you spend surfing job boards? That’s what a good recruiter can do for you.
  • Help with salary negotiations. One of the most stressful parts of the application process can be at the end as you negotiate compensation. But companies like Lingo Staffing can help with the negotiation process, sharing valuable insight into the market where you’re located as well at the company you’re considering. You’ll be able to go into the negotiation strong with us in your corner.

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